Coraopolis Light Metal Inc
1221 Third Avenue
Coraopolis, PA 15108
Phone: 412-264-2252
Fax: 412-264-9199

Coraopolis Light Metal Inc


  • Sheet Metal
  • Aluminized Steel
  • Perforated Material 
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Expanded Metal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Structural Steel
  • Grating


  • Industrial fabrication work
  • Repair or replacement parts
  • Augment standard commercial production runs
  • Stock raw metal available
Stainless steel Shearing, bending, sawing, welding for industrial customer
sheet metal Shearing, bending, welding industrial fabrication
Galvanized steel, shearing, bending, cutting welding industrial fabrication
Steel Mold, Shearing, rolling, welding
Diamond plate aluminum, Shearing, bending, welding
Aluminum diamond plate, Shearing, bending, punching, welding
Structural steel, sawing, welding industrial fabrication
Steel plate shearing, bending, rolling, welding for Municipality
Stainless steel pan, commercial fabrication
Perforated steel, shearing, rolling, welding for commercial customer
Perforated steel, shearing, rolling, welding
Aluminum plate, shearing, welding industrial customer
Stainless steel, shearing, rolling, welding commercial production run
Stainless replacement part, cutting and welding OEM replacement part for residential fabrication
Stainless steel cutting, drilling, welding, machining. metal fabrication utility company
Stainless steel, cutting, drilling, welding, machining, metal fabrication for Utility company
Stainless steel, Cutting, bending, welding for commercial customer
Perforated steel precision bending, welding, metal fabrication
steel, shearing, punching, bending
stainless steel, cutting, punching, bending
Stainless steel strap, cutting, drilling and forming, metal strap Municipal industry
stainless steel flat bar, Shearing, punching, forming hangers, metal fabrication Municipal industry
Stainless steel hanger, cutting, punching, forming for Municipal Industry
steel bracket, Shearing, punching, welding for commercial customer
stainless steel production run, Punching, bending, welding for industrial customer
steel bracket, Shearing, punching, bending
Steel bracket, Shearing, punching, bending
steel lighting bracket, shearing, punching, bending, cutting for lighting industrial production run
steel brackets, Shearing, punching, bending production run for lighting industry
steel brackets production run, Shearing, bending, punching, welding for lighting industry
steel, Shearing, punching, bending production for commercial customer
Stainless steel, shearing, punching production run for commercial industry
Aluminum heat shield, Shearing, punching, bending production run for Commercial company
steel lighting industry, Shearing, punching, bending for lighting indudusstry, production run
structural steel production run, cut and drill production bracket, construction
stainless steel brackets, production run
Steel bracket, shearing, punching, bending for commercial production run
stainless steel, shearing, punching, bending, welding for construction industry
Steel gaurd box, shearing, punching, bending, cutting, metal fabrication construction
Steel electrical box, shearing, punching, bending, welding, metal fabrication construction
Steel housing fixture, metal fabrication, commercial production run
Stainless steel, shearing, cutting, forming, crimping, metal fatrication municipal
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